Welcome to The Chicago Underworld

The Chicago Underworld is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the so-called lifestyle of the Mafia.

Listen Pally, I don't got time to sit here and spill with with you, so let's get right down'ta business, shall we?
Welcome to The Chicago Underworld, the place where if you don't have the balls to be who you want to be, you might as well go to dance class!

Hey You, Pay Attention When I'm Talking To You!!!
Ever dream of living the Mafioso lifestyle? As a criminal mastermind, your only lifeline to a world plagued with deceit is your lust for money, and your desire for power.

Struggling against the ruthlessness of your adversaries; only cunning, strategy and desire will help you reach your goals. In this game, respect is earned, not given! How ever you decide to spend your time in TCU (whether by joining a family, creating your own, or destroying the opposition by yourself), one thing is for certain. Let NOTHING stand in your way!

Each round has a duration of 10 days. As a player, you have the opportunity of winning real cash prizes, along with countless other prizes. When one round finishes, you can join a new round almost instantly after the previous round ends.

I trust we will have no problems......
No Cheating in TCU or you'll have to deal with me, you got that!!!
So play nice or you'll be sleeping with the fishes!!!